Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nether Dragon

oil on canvas, by Sun (Ramon Trif)

I was face to face with the unseen forces dormant within my heart.
Seven shades, each representing a trial of pain radiated into a formation.
They slithered into what revealed itself to be The Nether Dragon, a fallen serpent which appeared before
those unsure of themselves.

At the base of the dragon stood the other little soul.
The one who set out to find Sun, through countless endeavors along the way.
All so she could remind him that he is the light.

Sun had shrouded himself in darkness to test how bright his heart could shine.
Lucinda, knowing this figured a way to find him. She too enveloped herself in darkness and
joined the dragon of nether to co-create the dark light.

Through the dark rainbow they emanated a new spectrum of color, uncovering Sun to help complete his quest.

For a year I felt the presence of the dark beast, watching and waiting in the abyss.
It was its destiny to show me the way of my broken heart and renew my spirit.
Now, I stood refined and reborn with a new palette of understanding and compassion.

The Colossus

oil on canvas, by Sun (Ramon Trif)

After searching the four corners of the Earth, He had found his friend at last.
A long hiatus initiated the giant's longing for his companion.

The Colossus, a divine beast from the heavens and protector of Sun, Guardian of Heaven.

This titan roaming the lands symbolizes friendship and resiliency.
His love and dedication throughout the journey exemplifies his faith in Sun.
Compassion and loyalty are tested but in the end prevail through its honest efforts.

My mother once told me that, "you my son must be like a titan with your abilities."
I took that to heart, inspiring me to create The Colossus..
the symbol of my strength and friendships.

Thank you to my friends, my mother and to that flame inside of me that burns for me to persevere.

Tundra 2

oil on canvas, by Ramon Trif

Phoenix Valley

oil on canvas, by Ramon Trif

Kingdom of Light

oil on canvas, by Ramon Trif


ink/ oil on canvas, by Alex Mercado & Ramon Trif
The minds of two deviators of creation springing open Heaven and Hell.
Pandora’s Box had been unlocked, unleashing all its creatures upon a new world.
The rip of its portal sent countless unmentionables forth to wreak havoc upon their will..
Neither comprised of good or bad, the unmentionables were birthed of another force, an unknown.


 ink on paper, by Ramon Trif

Buried are our emotions as we suppress them with our fears.
We look the other way and deny our human birthright of experiencing hurt. Fear grips
our heart and places its ice-cold hands upon it tightly. It is up to you to
confront this chill and balance its temperature.